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Data breaches and you...

In today's world your data is no longer safe. It has been reported that over half of US Citizens have have experienced a data breach. It might have been due to big box retailers such as Home Depot, Target or now even Toys R Us being hacked for 'member information'. If you run a company, larger or small, and don't take your Data Security seriously you are next on the list as it will be only a matter of time before you are hacked. We have created a service for the Medical industry to perform an independent Security Risk Audit and therefore provide insight into their current environment. We are interested in doing the same for other industries but we need to collect more information about your firms. Again, Help us to learn about how you are addressing the threat of a Data Breach in your business and complete this quick simple survey (http://www.securityriskhipaa.com/contact/security-survey/).

Help us learn how you are approaching Data Security and your business…

Please work with us, click on the Survey link and fill out a simple few questions to help us to better understand how you approach Data Security when it comes to your business.

How do you protect your companies data from threats of exposure. Data Breaches are all too common these days and affect companies large and small. Through our independent Security Risk Assessment, we feel we provide a quality service to companies of all sizes outlining potential gaps in your company’s security plan. Please click on the following link if you want to learn more about our Security Risk Assessment for HIPAA (http://www.securityriskhipaa.com/).

Again, Help us to learn about how you are addressing the threat of a Data Breach in your business and complete this quick simple survey (http://www.securityriskhipaa.com/contact/security-survey/).
Each person who completes the survey will be entered into a weekly drawing to possibly receive a FREE Security Risk Assessment.

CMS Open Payments Q&A Session Feb 8th, 2017

Work in a medical practice and confused about how the govt will pay for Medicare and Medicaid claims in 2017? You are not alone. CMS is hosting a Q&A session next week that may be beneficial to your practice.

CMS to Host Question and Answer Session February 8, 2017

• Attend Open Payments Question & Answer Session on February 8th, 2017
• Announcing 2017 Q&A Sessions
• Questions—Contact Live Help Desk
Attend Open Payments Question & Answer Session on February 8th, 2017
Mark your calendars to attend a Question & Answer (Q&A) session with CMS Open Payments program experts. The event will take place on February 8th, 2017 from 1:00 pm. to 2:00 pm. (EST). The Open Payments team will present an overview of system enhancements and will be available to respond to your questions about the 2016 Open Payments program year.
To ask a question: In order to ask a question, you must go online and register 15 minutes prior to the webinar. Go online and register at: https://meetings-cms.webex.com/meetings-cms/k2/j.php?MTID=t5b9f58080afe8...
After you register, you will receive an email with instructions explaining how to join the call and ask a question.
To listen only: Call 1-844-396-8222 and enter the meeting number 909 001 849 when prompted.
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Announcing 2017 Q&A Sessions
Mark your calendars for the upcoming Question & Answer sessions, held from 1:00 P.M. to 2:00 p.m. (ET):
• February 8, 2017, Topic: System Enhancements, Data Submission and Attestation
• March 8, 2017, Topic: Review and Dispute
• April 12, 2017, Topic: Corrections and Publication
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Questions—Contact Live Help Desk
For more information about Open Payments, please visit the Open Payments website and sign up for the Open Payments Email Updates. If you have any questions, you can submit an email to the Help Desk at openpayments@cms.hhs.gov..
Live Help Desk support is available by calling 1-855-326-8366, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. (ET), excluding Federal holidays.
The Help Desk refers media inquiries back to CMS’ Press Office for response.
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Creating Public Transparency of Industry-Physician Financial Relationships. Learn More.
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has sent this update.
To contact CMS go to our Contact Us page.

Why an Independent Assessment?

Why do you want an independent firm to conduct an annual Security Risk Assessment for you? Why do businesses sometimes have an Accounting firm do an independent audit of their books? Why is it recommended to get ‘a second opinion’ for health issues? Generally speaking, the reason is because sometimes another firm will look at your situation from another ‘point of view’. They may uncover problems that your company didn’t even know you had.
Zombie Data is currently booking clients thru the end of Q1 2017. Visit us at http://www.securityriskhipaa.com/ to learn more about our Security Risk Assessment service and to reach out to us. We can then work on scheduling our initial conversation and walk thru exactly how perform this assessment. If you currently have a firm that supports the handling of your Cyber Security and your sensitive Electronic Data, we invite them to participate in our Assessment process. We want to get as much information on your company’s situation so we can provide the most complete feedback from our Security Risk Assessment.
As we launch into 2017 we want to reiterate that Cyber Security is a very serious concern for businesses of all sizes. We found it compelling that CyberPolicy, an insurance firm dedicated to protecting businesses from cyber attacks, states that over 43% of cyber attacks targeted small business in 2015. These businesses need to take this seriously. We look forward to working with your firm in 2017 to evaluate and help protect your firm from cyber attacks.

New Service Offering - Annual Security Risk Assessment for HIPAA Compliance

Zombie Data has launched a NEW Service Offering in 2016. We now provide a Service Package that performs an independent Annual Security Risk Assessment for those Medical practices who follow US HIPAA regulations. Check out more information about this offering at SecurityRiskHIPAA.com. Contact us today to schedule your practice's SRA and improve your company's Cyber Security. Another Service Offering from Zombie Data.

Traditional BI vs. Predictive Analytics

 So I wanted to take a few paragraphs and discuss the basic differences between Traditional BI and Predictive Analytics.  Again, for my experienced friends and associates, you may think, like a certain insurance advertisement, 'Well everyone knows that' but it just is not so...

Internet of Things - A word of Caution

 So every so often the market is agog with a new term for things.  If you were a user of WordPerfect back when Word Processing was new and got used to special tags before and after words or phases you wanted to highlight, etc. then when HTML came out you were like this is intuitive.  As the amount of data in our lives continues to spiral upwards we are now being introduced to a new term - The internet of things.  So what does that mean?  I'm going to use shopping on Amazon as my example.

Excel Overload

 As businesses grow from Small to Medium or onwards it is sometimes difficult for those businesses to know when to replace tracking so many business processes and data by Excel spreadsheet and moving up into a more elegant solution.  Don't get me wrong - I have used spreadsheets from the days of Wingz on old Macintosh computers.  Excel is obviously the industry leader and I use it for both work and personal or household purposes as well.  You can use Excel to track progress, data, etc. to a point.

My own advice for 2015

 So I've taken some time to reflect and to give myself some advice for 2015.  I am sharing it with you, my audience, in the belief that one or two of these items might inspire you to make a similar list for yourselves.  

1) Never stop doing the little things well: Yes they are not glamorous or awe inspiring (they are called little things after all) but by doing the little things well you really do set yourself up to also succeed at the big things.  Whether its at work, around your house or related to your spouse or children, the little things DO ADD UP.

Power of the Positive Response

 First off - I don't know everything.  I am not the smartest person in the room - unless its a really bad room.  I am however happy to say I am well thought of and respected.  Why?  I know a great deal about a lot of technology (Call me a IT Generalist).  I have a pretty good memory for a multitude of projects.  I once was in charge of Data Architecture for a company on 4 different RDBMS platforms, with approximately 300 projects on the books, 80 live at any one time.  I also had a boss who likes to ask me questions when I passed her in the hallway.