About US

We serve others everyday in our business. Whether a few or prized client or another team within our organization. We are only successful when we serve them well. Exceeding their expectations.  If a new client doesn't understand our methods or processes we stay with them walking them thru the story until it is clear in their minds.  I ask nothing less internally when bringing a new team members up to speed.
An old Project Management tenant is "say what you are going to do and then do what you say". If we make the commitment to get something done by a given date the whole force of our resources will be brought to bear to make certain this happens. Even if that sometimes means reduced profits or pulling a customer along to get us there.  
As a service organization we only succeed when those we service succeed. Doing "good enough" just doesn't cut it. If we are developing a solution for a client we should definitely meet all the stated goals of the project but also go above and beyond.  Ahead of schedule, exemplary service, an outstanding final product and a superior level of professionalism are just some of the ways this can be achieved.  We want every client to be our best reference when their team talks to their peers about our company. 
How would you want to be treated in a similar situation?  Would your boss be proud of your decision or action?  (Would your Mom or Grandmother be proud?  This is a measuring post to send every young adult out into the world with.) Answering these questions usually shows one the right path in a complex situation. We believe in open and frequent communications with our clients so there should be no surprises. If something unexpected occurs on our project you will learn about it quickly and with full disclosure. We will present feasible options to resolve the matter and discuss the pros and cons of each. While we may have a preferred option we will jointly work with our client's team to come to a joint consensus on the new direction.